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What's the first step to relaxing the mind & creating energetic shifts?


Transform Blocked Emotions and Patterns

that keep you from feeling

Peaceful, Joyful, & Loving Energy

Have YOU been Feeling:

Stuck? Unsure of what to do next.

Anxious about your future and upcoming changes?

Desiring to stop overthinking? Stop the monkey brain even if just for 5 minutes? 

Disconnected from your Heart Center?

A need for a time-out from the chaos & non-stop "Things to Do" list?

Lacking abundance in different areas of your life? Be it in creativity, prosperity, or connection?

We understand life is a journey with twists and turns that we may not have been expecting. Through vibrations of Sound, Color and Light modalities we are able to create changes in your frequency to bring you back into alignment. 

What Are the Benefits of Vibrational Wellness?

Sound, Color, & Light therapy underlies all modalities that tap into Qi or Prana life force.

Feel a sense of ease calming the nervous system

Learn to trust your intuition and what your heart is telling you

Balanced energy and clearing energetic field

Increase awareness of synchronicities and signs

Feel motivated and energized to take on new challenges

Reduce stress and anxiety

Make Time for

Creating change takes self-awareness, support, and a willingness to explore so you can gain some: 





We are collaborative and work to create special moments for personal wellness to take place.

We Offer Private and Group Sessions at:

Our Private Studio in Miami Beach

Your Desired Location

for e.g. private home, hotels, or offices.

Online remote video meetings

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Ready to be supported on your peronal journey and would like to spend time nurturing your soul? 



Have a birthday, retreat, or group situation & you would like to include a

Sound Bath Session? 


Want to set up a wellness activity for your team at the office? We are insured & offer on-site set-up.

Our clients have booked us for:

Special Occasions such as birthdays and bachelorettes

Couples Sessions

Corporate Activities such as Wellness Day, Retreats, and Employee Appreciation

What Kind of Sessions & Services Do You Offer?

Most of Our Services are Designed with the Most Frequently Requested Intentions and Outcomes. Here are some examples:

Sound Bowl Massage.jpg

Sound Baths

Raise Frequency & Creativity.jpg

Activate Creativity

Energy Tune-Up

Meditation Templates n Graphics 4 Website (1).jpg


Mentorship Conversation.jpg

Heart Centered

Meditation Templates n Graphics 4 Website.jpg

Intuitive Connection

What Does Working with
Me Look Like?  

Are you unsure of which service you would like to try out first? 

Reserve a discovery call & we can meet to chat about what you would like to work on.


Book a 15 min Discovery Call or Reserve Your Date & Time for One of Our Services


We will give you instructions on how to prepare to get the most out of our time together. 

Get together for your scheduled activation. 


What Instruments Are Typically Used
in a Sound Bath Session?

The instruments played during Sound Bath Meditations & Sound Journeys vary. It depends on the theme of the event. Is it an activating, clearing, or relaxing Sound Bath? What is the intention for the individual or group as we get together? Some of the instruments I may use are:

Variety of Chimes



Heart Drum

Frame Drums

Rattles & Shakers

Singing Bowls

Crystal Bowls

Tuning Forks

When you are seeking ways to reduce tension, feel calm, and strengthen connection to your inner guidance choosing any Sound based service that I provide is therapeutic and gift to yourself. 

Instruments for Sound Bath Direct Your Light Miami.jpg

How Do Different Colors of Light Impact Our
Energy & Emotions During a Session?

We are beings expressing spectrum of light. By using non-touch chromotherapy we can impact energy fields.  Light is a language that has a direct line to higher consciousness. Each color is associated with specific qualities and vibrations that can influence our mental, emotional, and physical states. My practice has 4 different Color Light Therapy Systems that assist to create change, break patterns, and increase intuition.

Here are some keywords associated with Chromotherapy:

Spectral Colors

Advanced Colors

Spiritual Colors

Hypnagogic Light Meditation

Bioptron Hyperlight

Lumalight System

Activates Creativity

Spiritual Transformation

Incorporates Sacred Geometry

When you are seeking ways to reduce tension, feel calm, and strengthen connection to your inner guidance choosing any Sound based service that I provide is therapeutic and gift to yourself. 


Will Receiving Sound Color and Light Vibrations
Help Me Be More Abundant? 

The concept of abundance is multifaceted and can encompass different aspects of life beyond just material wealth. Vibrational healing through sound and light has the potential to contribute to a sense of abundance in various ways. Here's how vibrational healing can contribute to abundance:

Emotional Well-being

Stress Reduction

Alignment with Desires

Increased Energy Flow

Expanded Awareness

Shift in Mindset


Sumergiéndose en los conocimientos y lecciones disponibles en el día a día, libros y talleres. Todos somos estudiantes y maestros. A medida que aprendemos, enseñamos incorporando las lecciones. Integrando los nuevos paradigmas. Allanando el camino a seguir y creando comunidad. 

Creando movimiento en tu vida

comienza con su intención de cambio interior, sanación, crecimiento, equilibrio y expansión. ​

I AM a Conscious Facilitator of Sound, Color & Light

on a Journey to Help Clients

Evolve + Create

Their Deepest Desires for a Fulfilling Life. 

At Direct Your Light Studio we know that you want to be a better version of yourself tomorrow. In order to do that, you need guidance and support. The problem is that life is moving fast which makes you feel like you don't have time or energy to focus on yourself. 

We believe that remembering what your intentions are for daily living, you can magnetize new opportunities, outcomes and positive changes. 

This is why we have dedicated years to the study of frequency and vibration through the modalities of Sound, Color, & Light and how it impacts each person's life for the better. 

Here's how I do it: 1. I listen to what you would like to create or experience. 2. I help you choose the service that will provide the connection and prepare sacred space to meet you. 3. We get together and allow the flow. It is like time stands still and the magic happens. 

So, reserve a Discovery Meeting with me where we chat for 15 minutes so I can get to know you. And in the meantime, here is a guided meditation. So you can stop worrying about the future and instead feel relaxed in the present. 


"Mágico. Mi amigo que conecta con amor y corazón. Gracias por compartir lo que sabes.”

-J. Kravitz

“No estaba seguro de qué esperar. Guau. Fue como entrar en otra dimensión y empezaron a aparecer muchas señales en los días siguientes”.

- A. Cuadrado

“Realmente disfruto nuestro tiempo juntos. Siempre aprendo algo nuevo cuando estoy contigo”.

- J. Jaramillo

El Viaje Hacia el Equilibrio Comienza en el Camino del Amor Propio.

Comience con el primer paso.

How to Stay Connected

You landed on this page for a reason. I usually ask, what do you feel resonates the most for you right now...experiencing light or sound? This will clue us into what will benefit your the most. Perhaps you are not ready yet to dive deep into a Soul Journey. That's ok!


You may be thinking wow, this is cool and I'm not sure I understand but I'm curious. That's ok too! The moment will arrive when you know or feel that you are ready to make time for this practice. You may be wishing that your group  or friends or place of work would consider having a Sound Bath Meditation experience. It's pretty magical when things align and the timing feels perfect. 

You can stay connected with Direct Your Light Studio and the work we are doing. We put together classes, collaborate on events with other Teachers & Studios, and actively post on social media sharing posts to help keep your focus on positive, loving, and inspiring ways to live and think.

Sign up for email updates or join our Facebook group. 

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MEditation Practices for those who struggle to meditate

We know it's not always easy to quiet the mind and prioritize your own well-being. 

That's why we have dedicated time, space, and tools to help people like you. 




Do You Want to Know More About Colors
and Their Meaning?

Different colors of light can have a profound impact on our energy and emotions during a session of chromotherapy, also known as light therapy. Each color is associated with specific qualities and vibrations that can influence our mental, emotional, and even physical states. There are colors in existence that we have never event seen with the human eye!


Here's a description of how spectral colors can affect us:


Red light is often associated with energy, vitality, and stimulation. It can help increase circulation, raise energy levels, and promote feelings of courage and determination. However, too much red light can also lead to restlessness or agitation.


Orange is linked to creativity, enthusiasm, and joy. It can help uplift the spirit, boost mood, and encourage social interaction. Orange light is often used to inspire feelings of positivity and warmth.


Yellow light is known for promoting clarity, focus, and mental stimulation. It can enhance intellectual pursuits, aid in decision-making, and improve overall alertness. Yellow light is believed to support mental clarity and positive thinking.



Green is associated with balance, harmony, and healing. It's known to have a calming effect on the nervous system and can help reduce stress and anxiety. Green light is often

used for relaxation and promoting a sense of renewal.


Blue light is known for its calming and soothing qualities. It can help lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and promote feelings of tranquility and serenity. Blue light is often used for relaxation and improving sleep quality.


Indigo light is linked to intuition, spirituality, and deep relaxation. It can enhance introspection, promote inner wisdom, and facilitate a connection to the subconscious mind.



Violet light is associated with spirituality, transformation, and mindfulness. It can stimulate the imagination, encourage a sense of serenity, and promote a deeper connection to higher states of consciousness.


During a chromotherapy session, specific colors of light are often chosen based on the individual's needs and goals. By exposing ourselves to these different colors, we can influence our energy centers (chakras) and emotions, facilitating a sense of balance and well-being. It's important to remember that individual responses to colors can vary, and it's best to explore and discover which colors resonate most with you and contribute to your overall experience.

Elija estar presente, concéntrese en su autocuración y permita que las frecuencias vibratorias se desarrollen a su alrededor.


A medida que cambia tu vibración, también lo hacen las cosas con las que resuenas. 

Nos enfocamos en aprender y sanar a través de la naturaleza, cielo universal, amor, sonido, color, luz, REIKI, Geometría Sagrada y cristales.

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