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The Full Story


I am a lightworker, wayshower, intuitive, adventurer, & supporter of vibrational shifts.


My story is simple & full of synchronicities. My learning about the spiritual path began as a child with my father's own personal journey. He filled our library at home with books on topics of angels, spiritual connection, & self-empowerment. 

I absorbed so much information from reading all his books while growing up. He took me on retreats & spiritual conferences since I was a teen and into my 20's. 

It was always at my forefront to learn & connect with a community of spiritually enlightened beings. Always feeling I am on a mission to fulfill my soul's purpose for this lifetime. Remember who I AM.

I AM here to be a Light Activator, a Teacher, an Intuitive.

Now is the time to be ME.

Direct Your Light Energy Healing Reiki Pyramid.heic


Combining compassion, healing, communication, and creativity, I step into a life that is spiritually lead. I live at a time when I witness all these incredible changes & I help people process and understand the changes. 


Compassion. Integrity. Discernment. 


Hold Sacred Space to support others through their life experiences. Teaching tools and ways for individuals to self-heal, facilitate energetic shifts, provide a calm peaceful energy, and a bubble of time to disconnect from the world.



I am great at communication, family structure, business themes, & life transitions. 

I set the intention to live with gratitude, joy, love, and trusting my heartspace and higher self. 

I release the past, forgive those memories. Focusing on the present & providing a multidimensional experience for others. Always working with white light and golden energy of love.

Effective always, as I continue to help others, I am open to receive an energy exchange. 

Recap of Events


  • 2024 SoundTouch

  • 2023 PandoraStar Certification 

  • 2022 Sound Masterclass by Yogishelly

  • 2021 Mediumship Training by Belle Salisbury 

  • Tachyon Attunement

  • Ultraviolet Attunement

  • Rainbow Body Attunement 

  • Divine Protection Attunement

  • 2020 Pendulum Coursework with Baj Pendulos

  • 2019 Sacred Bodywork Facial Thai Massage

  • 2018 Spiritual Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing Intensive Certification Training

  • 2017 Eastern Vibration Vibrational Sound Therapy Certification

  • 2016 Path of Light Reiki  - Reiki Level 1

  • 2016 Lumalight Therapy Levels 1 & 2

  • 2008 Theta Levels 1 & 2 with April Colon

  • 2007 Sonia Choquette Six Sensory Angel Workshop in Chicago

  • 2007 I Can Do It! Conference in Toronto, Canada



I am full of stories depicting synchronicities and magical things happening. I remind myself of my own tools when I get into a funk. We are surrounded by crazy world energy, the schumann resonance, the moon cycles...I use the same modalities on myself as I do on my client. Recharge and restore, balance my energy.

I charge crystals and objects with frequency, transmit frequencies into the studio, and maintain practices to be able to do the work that I intend to do. 

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