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Explore Your Mind

Promote the body's natural relaxation through sound and light. There are endless immediate effects to be experienced when using the PandoraStar including deep states of mental and physical relaxation as well as meditation. As the light flickers behind your closed eyes, bright colors tend to arise within the mind, leading to formless shapes, complex geometric patterns, spinning fractal mandalas, people, scenes, and often forgotten memories.


A hypnagogic state is the experiencing of a transitional state between being awake and asleep during the onset of sleep. Mental phenomena that occur during this transitional threshold consciousness phase include lucid thoughts and dreaming.

Benefits of receiving a Light Session:

Manage Stress

Improve Short Term Memory

Improve Focus

Improve Connection

Spark Creativity



The PandoraStar is a known as a Deep Trance Meditation Device, Brainwave Entrainment Machine, Light Entertainment System, or Light Therapy Machine. Essentially it is an advanced stroboscope or strobe light and looks like a plate with 12 white LED lights arranged in a hexagram pattern. The PandoraStar is equipped with a variety of light sequences which can be used in different arrangements.

We have different reasons for going under the light. We'll explore with you what you feel called to. Every session begins with a 10 minute introductory session. We take a break to discuss. And then continue to main session ranging from 20-40minutes. 

We have the ability to set up at your location if you prefer we come to you. Travel fee applies dependent on your location.

PandoraStar Person.JPG


Want to know more about the session? 

Modern day life means our brains are always going. This is a chance to disconnect and shift your frequency. 

We take our time with first timers, asking questions, setting intentions. Familiarizing the guest with the light. It is because of this we say expect to spend 90minutes or more at the studio. Do not schedule anything immediately after your appointment. Most people want to relax and ponder.

Repetition is key. Follow up appointments are at a discounted rate in consideration you are now familiar with the process & appointments are shorter. 


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