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Get to know me through past events & life in action

Vibration & Frequency

We attract that which we are a vibrational match more. How are you showing up? Are you ready to level up? Is it time to tap into your higher self? 

Through daily exploration, travel, courses, Reiki, light therapy, & sound I have found my way to deeper sense of self. Understanding that we are all connected. Through the study of Sacred Geometry & Vibrational Resonance through color, sound, & light I've learned to amplify intentions. Each time we show up for ourselves & learn something new, your paradigm shifts. 

My intention is to work with co-creators. Those that are willing to do the work. Living with conscious purpose. You may not know the answers & that's ok. Each experience opens doors. Are you ready to create some newness? Disconnect from the old? Enter the mind-gap? 

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