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What's the first step to relaxing the mind & creating energetic shifts?


Transform Stuck Emotions and Patterns

that keep you from feeling

Peaceful, Joyful, & Loving Energy

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A REIKI infused Sound Color & Light Session is a profound experience that encompasses your entire being. Intentionally utilizing the harmonious interplay of modalities that are a gentle yet potent, therapeutic & rejuvenating journey that nurtures your mind and body.


Jeile Marie is a well known Reiki Master, Sound Facilitator & Light Therapist. She has spent the last decade immersing herself in the knowledge & lessons available in books, classes and retreats.  JMarie has introduced the world of vibration & frequency to indiviual clients & diverse audiences in a variety of settings. Offering Intuitive Coaching Appointments, Vibrational Sound Therapy & Light Therapy online & in person. 

There are different ways to effect change. It starts by consciously choosing to experience new things. Join JMarie online for energetic support, in person at the studio or at one of her deep Sound Meditation Events. We all have an inner light ready to shine. Through Reiki,Sound, Color, & Light Frequencies we can invoke relaxation & creativity to shift your vibration to bring about positive change. 


Stuck? Unsure of what to do next.

A need to time-out from the chaos & non stop "Things to do" List? Wishing for a natural way to calm the nervous system? 

Constantly worrying about the future and upcoming changes? 

Looking to live from a place love? Experience more love? 

Connect to your Intuition? Start up your creativity? 

Going through a time of grief & sadnesss? 

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You know that feeling when your muscles ache and your body feels tight that you decide to go get a massage? 

Well when your mind and soul are tired, needing a break or seeking answers, you turn to Vibrational Wellness with JMarie. 

I understand life is a journey with twists and turns that you may not have been expecting. Appointments are focused on holding Sacred Space for energetic healing to occur. 

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Creating change takes self-awareness, support, and a willingness to explore so you can gain mental clarity, inner peace, & spiritual connection. 

What Are the Benefits...

Reiki helps to restore balance & harmony

to the mind, body, & spirit.  
Tap into Qi or Prana life force.

Feel a sense of ease calming the nervous system

Learn to trust your intuition & what your heart is telling you

Balanced energy and emotions

Feel motivated & energized to take on new challenges

Reduce stress & anxiety

Increase awareness of synchronicities & signs


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It's easy to connect & you will receive an email with instructions.


Decide if you prefer online

or in studio service.

Book an Appointment   for your preferred service. 


We will give you instructions on how to prepare to get the most out of our time together. 


Set an intention.

Get together for your scheduled session.  

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I went to Direct Your Light Studio to experience the Pandora Star light and had an amazing experience. JMarie has a wonderful space protected by sacred geometry and cleansed prior to arrival, I felt super comfortable the moment I walked into that space. JMarie is intuitive, knowledgeable and an angel on earth. I highly recommend her. 


Intention Setting:

"I open myself to the gentle flow of Reiki, inviting clarity, and understanding. May this healing energy cleanse my mind of confusion and clutter, guiding me toward mental peace and renewed focus. I embrace the serenity and wisdom this energy brings, illuminating my path ahead.”

How to Stay Connected

You landed on this page for a reason. I usually ask, what do you feel resonates the most for you right now...experiencing light or sound? This will clue me into where I should place my focus. 


You may be thinking wow, this is cool and I'm not sure I understand but I'm curious!?! That's ok! The moment will arrive when you know or feel that you are ready to make time for this type of energetic work & meditation practice.  It's pretty magical when things align and the timing feels perfect. 

You can stay connected with Direct Your Light Studio and the work I am doing. I put together classes, collaborate on events with other Teachers & Studios, and actively post on social media sharing posts to help keep your focus on positive, loving, and inspiring ways to live and think.

Sign up for email updates or join the Facebook group. Check out the blog or playlists on Youtube.


Receive Updates for Events & Special Offerings

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Choose to be present, focus on your self-healing, and allow the vibrational frequencies to unfold around you.


As your vibration changes so do the things you resonate with. 

We focus on learning & healing through nature, universal sky, love, sound, color, light, REIKI, Sacred Geometry, & crystals.

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