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Hi I Am

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Here to help you:
+ Shift with Changes

+ Soothe anxiety/stress/grief

+ Increase Intuition & Creativity
+ Connect to Your Spiritual Side


Raise your frequency with vibrational energy sessions infused with Reiki Sound Color & Light offered on-line/remote or in-person. Studio in Miami Beach

Remember. Intentions. Magnetize.

My energy work focuses on holding Sacred Space for Support, Activations, and Energetic Frequency Healing.

Using modalities of Reiki, Sound, Color & Light to shift the energy around you. Self-healing begins when you show up for yourself & set the intention to expand and choose your direction. 


I look forward to connecting with you on our available platforms & events. Our goal is to be a guiding light of love and compassion for those that are seeking support.

Appointments available for online remote clients & in person on Miami Beach at the dedicated healing studio.

Hablo Español

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